10 Things I Am Loving Right This Moment

Happy Friday everyone! I’m off to Traverse City this weekend, and here is a list of my favorite things at this moment. Have a great weekend!


  1. The Opposite Of Loneliness – Marina Keegan. (pictured above) I’m just beginning this book, but the forward already made me tear up. Okay, it made me cry. A lot.
  2. This awesome blog, and every 8tracks playlist posted on it. She doesn’t know me, but she gets me.
  3. Chick peas. This faux-egg salad sandwich recipe is borderline brill. Updated version with additional recipes of the non-garbanzo variety here.
  4. My daily watermelon and oatmeal breakfast routine. I’m currently obsessed with the thinkThin Madagascar Vanilla With Almonds & Pecans. It is. so. damn. good. I get the individual packets for fear that I would eat anything not pre-portioned in its entirety. It’s available at Kroger and online here.
  5. Game of Thrones and Podcasts about Game of Thrones: There’s only one episode left for season 5, and the following podcasts have really enhanced my Game watching experience. I also think that everyone else that watches with me is really annoyed that I listen to all of these, because somehow I now know all of the really nerdy things that I otherwise would have missed or forgotten about, like where everyValaryian steel sword inWesteros is.
    1. Nerdette w/ Peter Sagal – The host of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Peter Sagal, joins Greta Johnsen and Tricia Bobeda to discuss the episode, and also abuse Peter. It’s hilarious and is always the first to become available, which is important when you just need. more. GOT.
    2. Watch The Thrones by Grantland – A bunch of people who are really enthusiastic about the show. They have their own iron throne.They are enthusiastic.
    3. A Cast of Kings by Stitcher – Joanna Robinson has read the books, Dave Chen has not. It makes for great mix of banter, book-knowledge insight (Joanna), and usually poor predictions (Dave).
  6. The Danskin running shorts my mom recently gifted to me. I wasn’t able to find them online, but they have a thick waist band, a perfect sized pocket, and are nice to my legs. I hope they come back, I would buy them in en masse.
  7. Tracking the Iron Cowboy: Read about his inspiring and possibly insane 50-50-50 challenge here.
  8. My fitbit. I’ve had it for a year an a half, but have been really serious about making sure it is always charged, and that I’m really paying attention to my daily activity for the last six month. I don’t think I’m being dramatic when I say it has changed my life. My worth is divided among five little flashy dots. Quantify yourself, guys.
  9. Addapp. I think this is a really cool app. I’m using all of these different tracking apps (myfitnesspal, fitbit, mapmyrun, etc…) and sure i connect them, but that doesn’t provide any insight. Addapp takes all of my tracking apps, runs it through a huge data kiln (that’s how i like to picture it anyway), and pushes insights about patterns it notices. I usually receive about two a day, and they are pretty cool and motivating. Like I said, quantify yourselves! I have basically become a collection of different numbers at this point.
  10. My upcoming trip to the Smoky Mountains with Martin. I haven’t been camping since I was a kid, and I’ve never been to a National Park. I am already charging the camera, collecting huge amounts of “what to do” tips from the ever-reliable Pinterest boards, and looking into tents that won’t cause too much relationship strain. Assuming no bears get to me first, hopefully that will be an upcoming post.

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