The Universe Sends Lessons via Nice Strangers at a Coffee Shop.

Photo credit: Instagram @confettiandbaconsprinkles

Ever have periods of time where getting dressed just seems like an a losing battle? That trying to put together a decent outfit that flatters you and is also decently stylish turns into trying on and then throwing to the floor every article of clothing you own?Sometimes, even on days where I leave the house high-fiving myself and thinking, okay, I definitely nailed this dressing up thing today, by 10 am I’m back to feeling like a dud. And then I go home at lunch and just come back in a hoodie. If I’m gonna feel like a crocodile, I prefer to at least be comfortable.

So the other day I went to Starbucks with a few coworkers and I’m just standing there waiting for my coffee-like beverage and this lady runs up to me like she needs to tell me that I have toilet paper stuck to my heel. Bracing myself for embarrassment, I start looking for  I somehow hear her say, “I just wanted to tell you, your outfit is just awesome. You are like, the best dressed person in here” (which was a serious compliment because that Starbucks was packed with a lot of rich, nice looking, well-dressed, probably awesome people).

It made my day. That lady was not at all obligated to take a minute out of her day to be really nice to me, a stranger. That little heaven-sent angel person could have continued about her busy day in the bustling Starbucks and gotten right out of there just like everyone else, including myself, was trying to do. But she didn’t, she stopped and told me I looked nice. I hope she and her children and all generations to follow are forever blessed with fortune and excellent fashion sense forever and ever, amen. That’s how much I needed it that day, and that’s how much I appreciated it.

Today was one of those days I left the house thinking, I am rockin’ this outfit. I am owning the fashion game. I’ll just attach a sign to myself right now with where everything is from because I know you are all going to ask. But then I didn’t feel like wearing heels. And then the humidity kind of got to my hair and I realized I forgot to wear earrings. I started thinking, shoot, I could really use that lady from Starbucks to reassure me right now. I need a pocket-sized Starbucks lady for whenever I need that little pep talk, feel-good compliment to erase any self-doubt.

But then, in a steam train of shame, I thought, no. What I really need, what would truly make life brighter, not just for me but for those around me, is if I was the lady from Starbucks. If I was giving enthusiastic compliments as they crossed my mind, rather than filing envious observations away. Think of all of the positivity that would cultivate.

So much, I think, that it would crowd out, muffle, and possibly silence, everything else.

I see you, universe. I see you, and I thank you for your patience. I may be a little slow on the lesson up-take, but just keep sending ’em my way.


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